Saturday, August 22, 2015

Myanmar official visit ( SATREPS Workshop and field survey) - Day 3 (19-August-2015)

Day 3:

Good morning!

The day started by meeting at the hotel lobby at 8:30 am only to head to YTU for the 2nd and final day of the workshop.

The workshop started at 9:00 am with a "look back on Day 1". Kohtake sensei explained the issues and solutions of each group, followed by a brief summary of the findings so far.

Kawasaki sensei, then gave a presentation on the current status and future plans of SATREPS project.

Kawasaki sensei explaining about the SATREPS project
Yesterday we had three rounds (out of five). For the fourth round, the concept of "World Cafe" was introduced and the group were re-arranged (yes all planned in the last night's meeting, again!). The Japanese members and the group leader stayed in the same group and the remaining members were re-arranged.
We were then asked to discuss about the same CVCA (Flood Hazard Map in our case, group D).
Surprisingly, all the four new group members completely agreed with our old CVCA (done yesterday, round three). We just had a few minor changes and rearrangement of the post-it.

Our  new (and improved) CVCA
After a short team break, the last and final round, round five started. We were asked to create a "Customer Journey Map". The idea was to do a step-wise scenario analysis using the "user's viewpoint" (Who, when, how, etc.). User here refers to the stakeholder who will use the service (Flood Hazard Map). The goal was to make a "Customer Journey Map" so that the users of this service feel "Wow!" and "Happy!".

We were given a board for sketching the user experience based on our idea and understanding of the "Customer Journey Map".

Our Customer Journey Map
Finally all the groups were asked to give a brief presentation on their Customer Journey Map.

Following the group presentations, the Japanese and Myanmar representatives had a final group meeting which lasted more than an hour.

Group meeting among Japanese and Myanamr deligates
With the last intense meeting, the 2-day workshop officially came to an end.

After the lunch (@ YTU), we had the so called "Wrap-up" meeting. It lasted for another 30 mins. And then, another meeting at the newly opened Hydroinformatics Center @ YTU.

Group picture with the members of Hydroinformatics Center @ YTU

Finally, dinner time. We went to the famous Golden Duck restaurant of Yangon.

May be not so golden, eh? But it sure was very delicious.
Sorry didnt had time to click picture of other dishes, too busy you know!
Thats all for the day. Please dont hesitate to post comments, suggestion or questions. I'll be very happy to answer/respond!