Sunday, November 29, 2015

Full Moon Festival

Hi. It's Genki. 

The full moon festival was held on 26th, November. From what my friends told me, this festival is the biggest festival in Myanmar and held on 26th November every year. Actually they said that the similar festival is also held in Thailand at the same day.

This is the National Holiday but the festival itself starts mainly from 4:30 pm. I asked some of my friends to take me to the festival place. I could feel that all the people were so excited.
At the streets, we could get some tickets beforehand which had a certain number on it. Then we exchanged the ticket for some goods at the designated shopd. Actually we didn’t have any tickets at the first time but my friend Bobo got tickets from his students. We got so many things that they were heavy to carry.

There were many people on the street

You can see each shop has its number

Then we went to the place where a festival sponsored by Coca-cola was being held. This festival was called Paper Lantern Festival. It was fantastic! I now understand that Myanmar people really like festivals. There were many shops and game corners. But I also thought it was similar to summer festivals, Matsuri, in Japan.

A big stage for the event

One of the game corners

Traditional Myanmar foods

After that we went to Inya Lake which was also the festival place. There were many people enjoying and some people were doing fireworks. Actually almost every square in Yangon was for the festival this night. But what I was surprised is that although many people were so excited, I didn’t see the one who was drinking alcohol. It’s mainly because of religious reason.

Inya Lake at night. There may be a limit to my iPad camera.

As above, I enjoyed the full moon festival in Yangon. I guess that as the economy grows the scale of the festival will become larger in the future.

That's all for this report. Thank you for reading. See you soon.

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