Monday, June 6, 2016

Zaung Tu Weir Observation Checking (May 25, 2016)

The observation was installed almost two months ago. However, there were some problems encountered in the collected data. Due to this, efforts were made to recheck the instrument and analyze the reason for the problem. The checking was participated by Dr. Ralph Allen Acierto, Dr. Zaw Zaw Latt (ID Officer), and two YTU students – Ms. Shelly Win and Ms. Su Wai Thin as shown in Figure 7.  The group checked the set-up, instrument, connections, data collection, and data archiving functions of the observation system. Finally, the problem was diagnosed to be due to the connections. The problem was fixed. Every aspect was checked in the data collection including the data archiving to the UTokyo server. This experience on the observation checking will be translated to a manual for the succeeding checks and succeeding installation of the other observations for the telemetry system to be established in Bago River Basin.

Checking of the operation of the weather station at Zaung Tu Weir with YTU students and ID Officer
In the afternoon, additional discussions with Daw Khon Ra (Director of Irrigation Department), Dr. Aung Than Oo (Assistant Director of Irrigation Department), Dr. Win Win Zin (YTU), and Dr. Akiyuki Kawasaki was facilitated in YTU to discuss other issues for the succeeding installations of the telemetry system in Bago River Basin.

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