Friday, September 23, 2016

Experience during questionnaire survey at North Central Province, Sri Lanka

Hello, everyone, I'm Gouri De Silva who is a part of Kawasaki research group. This is my first ever blog article and I'll try my best to make this interesting to the readers.

This is about field survey (questionnaire survey ) carried out in North Central province (Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts) in Sri Lanka. We started the survey at Anuradhapura district and then continued to Polonnaruwa. The survey was conducted to investigate the impacts of climate change and To .. Climate Extremes The Poverty Of Rural Sri Lankan Community Assoc Prof. Akiyuki Kawasaki And A Master Student Of Oki Laboratory; Mr. H. Kamiya, Have Also Participated In The Survey We Did The Survey With The Support Of The Officers Of Irrigation department and Agrarian services.

Figure 1: The team involved for the questionnaire survey
Figure 1: The team involved for the questionnaire survey

Anuradhapura Is The Largest District In Sri Lanka. P Addy Cultivation Is Dominant In Both Districts Of North Central Province. Even Though That Is In The Dry Zone, It Is A Prosperous Area. Being The Ancient Capitals There Are A Huge Number Of Irrigation Tanks And reservoirs in the province. We went to several villages and interview many farmers and other villagers. Our team included about ten people and we went to individual households, their fields and to meeting places as well to interview people.

Figure 2: Conducting interviews

In addition to the questionnaire survey activities, we had some chances to experience the rural activities, feel the hospitality of the villagers, and see ancient structures and the natural beauty of the area.

Figure 3: Harvested rice is drying before peeling off and Kawasaki sensei is enjoying that
Figure 4: The group is walking through a paddy field
Figure 5: Villagers are having their lunch during their work
Figure 6: We have visited Parakrama Samudraya (one of the biggest ancient reservoirs in Sri Lanka) and this is its' sluice gates
Figure 7: Kawasaki Sensei, Kamiya-San, and Samal San are in front of the Parakrama Samudraya
Figure 8: Aban river (one of the rivers which cause floods in Anuradhapura district)
Figure 9: Farmers use sprinkler system to water the plants during dry seasons
Further, during the survey, we had some meetings with local authorities.

Figure 10: Meeting with Assistance Government Agent (AGA) Anuradhapura District
Figure 11: Meeting with Assistant General Manager - Water Supply and Drainage Board, North Central Province

Figure 12 :. With Eng Hasitha Vithanage, who helped a lot during this survey

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