Saturday, January 21, 2017

Myanmar Field trip (Jan 2017), Part 2: The Workshop

Hello everyone, this is Seemanta (サム) from Kawasaki group. Today I'll be writing about the workshop held on 20-Jan-2014 at YTU.

We started the workshop from 10:00 am. This time, it was a smaller workshop with fewer participants. Officials from RRD, IWUMD and DMH joined this workshop. Unfortunately, delegates from GAD and DHPI couldn’t join.
Shirai-san was explaining about the past activities
The stakeholders were debriefed about the past activities (field surveys and workshops). Shirai-san then shared the information and knowledge gathered during the individual interviews with all the participants.
Active discussion among the stakeholders
The participants were also asked to list up any issues left-out so far. They were given 10 mins to do so.
Time for listing the current issues
The issues listed by all the participants
There was a joint discussion among the stakeholders about the proposed system and whether the proposed system would fit their requirements or not.
I was explaining the sample output of the real-time system
Dr, Aung Than Oo (Assisstant Director, IWUMD) was interested in the visualization of analyzed results as maps and graphs.
Dr. Aung Than Oo explaining the current issues of IWUMD

The workshop concluded successfully. All the stakeholders agreed upon the proposed system, with minor comments/suggestions.
That’s all from me this time. Thank you for reading and good bye!

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