Sunday, February 18, 2018

Myanmar Field Trip Part 3: Tidal Cycle

2018.02.17 Bago river mouth

မင်္ဂလာပါ Yi-Chiaです, Hello, this is Yi-Chia! (မင်္ဂလာပါ [maingalarpar])
Flying drone in the morning
At 5am, everybody gathered at the gate of Aroma hotel and got ready to head to Bago river mouth, the same place as yesterday. Today, we have the different goal: observe the whole cycle of a tide. Before traveling to Myanmar, Shimozono sensei and other coastal members already simulated the tide cycle on computers and have the advance information about the timing of tide. Therefore, we start early to observe the full cycle of a tide.
The 3-hour drive from Bago downtown to Bago river mouth
There were no well-maintained roads to river mouth; therefore, we literally drove on the river bed. Just to show a clip of how shaking was our drive to the river mouth.

Shimozono sensei explained the procedures of tide observation. First, we must measure the initial water level and velocity. To measure the water level, the equipment of pressure sensor is necessary. By knowing the water pressure, we could infer the water depth. In fact, the pressure sensor needs to be tided with something heavy to ensure that sensor sinks to the bottom of the water. Therefore, Tajima sensei tided the sensor with a brick. The video shows Tajima sensei throwing water pressure sensor into the water.


Shimozono sensei interacted with local children
Guess what’s in the dumpy level? This picture shows Shinozono sensei engaging with local residents and shared the experiment with them. Shimozono sensei used a dumpy level to point to the ship far away and invited kids to see the view.

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