Friday, April 6, 2018

Report for the Exchange Program at UTokyo

Length of My Stay
January 27th – March 11th 2018 (6 weeks)
Komaba International Lodge
Program Outline
                 This is my second experience to be the candidate of Student Exchange Program at UTokyo to study WEB-DHM model and to understand the python script which are already written by the specific programmer.
                   During the tenure of my study, it is not only beneficial for the improvement of my study skill but also effective for my daily life style. This is my first-time trip to go abroad individually for further study and that is why I am full of excitement and experience. To say the truth, I was so depended on my mother for everything even for my sleeping schedule before but after my arrival at Dorm , I had to manage all the things by myself and relied on my own to survive thus, I became independent . I think, I will be well equipped with sufficient experience for next time as this is valuable training for my life. 
              My research is about the Estimation of Hydropower Potential for my study area .In order to do that I have to focus on two major factors  that first one is to study WEB-DHM and the other is writing of python script . For the first one, I try to test with WEB-DHM tool in Arc GIS and also in NK-GIAS (Nippon Koei Geographic Information Analysis System) for my study area.  While I am testing with ArcGIS, there are a lot of error. Sam helped me solving these issues often even he was so busy with his tight study schedule. Moreover, I visited to the NK R&D Center at Tsukuba to discuss the new WEB DHM tools in NK GIAS with Mr. Nakamura and Ms. Cho Thanda Nyunt. They gave me not only advise for NKGIAS but also explained hydrological theory to me that I didn’t understand. After meeting, we had a very delicious dinner near the station. They are very kind and helpful to me that I really appreciate their support. I have enhanced my knowledge as well as understanding of real research life through several attempts to trial test for every possibility although the result did not come out as I expected.
               The other one is learning python programming that is really very difficult for me as I am so weak in understanding in coding. In this case, I learn by watching videos and reading reference books. Moiz and Ralph helped me in learning the script, searching books and downloading the data for me that I couldn’t access with my Gmail. For the time being, I achieved slight understanding of how to study the python and it took time for me to know the coding with the absent of anyone’s help. 

 With Mr Nakamura and Ma Cho Thandar Nyunt at NK R&D Center
       During my stay at UTokyo, I attended group meeting every week and hosted the presentation for twice at the beginning of my stay and before I go back to Yangon. From these presentations, I got several suggestions and comments from my colleagues and Kawasaki Sensei. In addition, I joined the “2018 Civil Engineering Symposium SMARR Infrastructure Future Challenges”. I gained several knowledges from that symposium. Especially, one presentation made by the MLIT (Ministry of Land Transport and Tourism) regarding making master plan for one specific township as pilot area in Yangon gave me many knowledges about the techniques of how to maintain and monitor the bridge and tunnel in Japan with robot technology, such kind of investigation technology are critical in our country.
         I also visited the construction site at Shin-Yokohama (tentatively named) Subway Station to connect the Sotetsu Line and Tokyo Line with the support of Kajima Construction company. It is 330 meters in length to connect the two-railway line and an 80-meter section of new station will be constructed and intersected with Shin Yokohama Municipal subway. We went down to the construction site of new subway station to 32 m depth from the ground level. It is full of excitement and knowledge about the tunnel construction technic and the application of sensor monitoring technic in order to control the safety for the construction site. 

At 32 m depth from ground level , explaing about the project and intersection under existing Satation

                And I feel really thankful to Chon-san who had helped me over my stay and for your gift . Furthermore, I would like to express my special thank to Haga , Shin and Sam  for arranging a short trip to Hakone although I couldn’t accomplish the trip as we encountered minor accident on our way to Hakone. Anyway , thanks to all  of them for their kind trip arrangement.I got some new friends; Lui – san and Goori-san who helped me a lot in my stay. Shelly and I visited the Kamakura Pagoda and beach near the pagoda at the first week .
                   At Kamarura Pagoda with Shelly
               Before my return to Yangon , Sensei prepared a fareware dinner partey at the India restaurant and Chon-san treated me lunch. Thank again Goori-san and Chon-san for their parting gifts.

           Fareware Dinner and Parting Gift from Goori-san and Chon-san

All in all, I really thank Kawasaki Sensei for giving me a chance to come to Japan that I got many friends throughout my study in Tokyo . This time is so beneficial for me not only in my studying but also in my daily lifestyle and I got a starting way of my research . Moreover, I got a close communication
with people from our company, Nippon Koei . To conclude, I would like to thank again Sensei and everyone who had helped me during my stay at UTokyo.
Kyu Kyu Thin
Ph.D Candidate
Yangon Technological University

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