Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bago Survey

Hi, it's Genki. Today I want to talk how my research is going.
My research topic is the relationship between flood and poverty. The reason I chose the topic is that I found many poor people near the river in the last field survey in Myanmar in June. I'm here in Myanmar for the student exchange program but I also want to collect data related to my research topic by taking advantage of this trip. 
This is the scenery from the bus from Yangon to Bago. In Myanmar, they open the windows even though we are running so fast on the highway. We can get to Bago in less than 2 hours if the traffic condition is not so bad.

Well anyway the field survey in Bago has finally started. I was nervous at first so as my counterparts from YTU, but I learned how to make it soon. I think the key is just listen to what they say sincerely looking at their eyes. But easier said than done. As time passes and we get tired, it was becoming more difficult to just listen to what they talk to us. The guys who are on the pictures are helpers from YTU to ask my questions.

Through this survey, I found something. Some people here cannot earn money during a certain period, which makes their income unstable. But also the respondents I asked questions were not look unhappy. Of course one of the reasons is the season (Actually the rainy season is sometimes the most difficult season for them and it is summer season in Myanmar now.), but they didn’t look so thin and I could feel a vitality from them.

During the questions, many other people came to see what we were doing. I found that all the people in a district are like relatives. They sometimes answered the questions instead of the respondent. But this trend was remarkable especially when we ask questions to poor people. I'm trying to ask both rich and poor people in order to reduce the prejudice.

After the questions, I gave the respondent a ballpoint pen. It is a small thing but they looked happy when they got it. Some people asked me more pens.

I gave them ball-point pens.
I hope I can make some results after the survey by analyzing data on GIS.
By the way, I'm getting used to Myanmar food now but in the third day I got really sick that I cannot move after I ate pork curry. But thanks to all the YTU friends, I could go to the clinic and get some medicine thus got better in a few days.
Anyway, I’m now getting used to the survey and I find it very interesting. I can get knowledge and experience which I would never acquire in Japan. I really appreciate to all the people who arranged this trip.

See you!

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