Sunday, December 20, 2015

A trip to Kyikehteeyoe

Hi, it’s Genki.
I went to Kyikehteeyoe, where is famous for its Golden rock from 17th to 19th December with my friend whose name is YeThuAung.
We left Yangon at 9 pm and arrived in Kyikehteeyoe at 2 am. 
The first bus to the top of the mountain on which Kyikehteeyoe Pagoda is located starts from 6 am so we had to wait. But fortunately we could stay in the hotel which we booked and soon found it so comfortable.
After a little rest in the room, we took a bus to the top of the mountain. The bus was more like a truck than a bus and we had to sit on the back seats. The driver drove roughly so I could see many people feeling sick. It took about 30-40 minutes from the base of the mountain to the destination. Actually the scenery from the bus was really similar to that of Japanese mountainous areas in summer.

Let's start our trip!!
Bus station on the base of the mountain

After arriving at the destination and walking for a while, I could see something shining, reflecting the sunlight. It was Golden rock! The first impression was just awesome. I recommend you to go there in the morning because you can take good photos from the east side.

The entrance of the pagoda
Kyikehteeyoe Pagoda!!

After walking around the rock, we headed to the other pagoda which is located a little far from Kyikehteeyoe Pagoda and we had to hike. It was harder than we had expected. There are many souvenir shops along the way. Sometimes they sell traditional medicine made from snake, deer, and other insects. It was a little disgusting for me.

Dead deer

Dead snake

We also went to a waterfall near Kyikehteeyoe Pagoda. Many people were playing there.
I also enjoyed buying some souvenirs.

During the back way to Yangon, we visited some pagodas on the way. There are so many pagodas in Myanmar.

Shwemawdaw Pagoda in Bago city.
Actually Bago is on the way from Kyikehteeyoe to Yangon.

Anyway, thanks to my friend, it was a wonderful and exciting trip. I really appreciate it.

See you soon.

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