Saturday, July 15, 2017

Esri UC Day 1 [10 - 11 July, 2017]

Hi everyone this is Abdul Moiz again.

The first day of the conference me and Yonhara-san, both woke up early to get a good place in the Plenary Session of the conference, which is one of the primary attractions of the conference.

Me and Yonehara-san  ready for the conference
Although it was pretty crowded at the Plenary Session, we were able to get a good seat. This year almost 16,000 people attended.

Plenary Session

The founder and president of Esri, Jack Dangermong, inaugurated the session, taking us on a journey from what GIS was in the past and how long we've come. The theme of the conference this year was 'The Science of Where'.

The theme of the conference

The next day we went to the Presentation Resource Center to prepare for our presentation and I also gave a practice presentation to professional Esri experts and got feedback which was very helpful.

We ate Fish Tacos for lunch on the terrace of the convention center overlooking the harbor.

Fish Tacos

View of the harbor

Later we went to the Esri Expo, where a number of companies were advertising their latest products.
Esri UC Expo

Association of American Geography

Sustainable development goals were also the prime focus of many companies this year.

One of the most interesting things I found was that Microsoft Office had integrated ArcGIS with it. Now it's possible to make simple maps using only excel and ArcGIS online.

In the evening, me and Yonehara-san, went to the party hosted by Esri Japan. I am very thankful to Esri Japan for their hospitality.

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