Monday, July 24, 2017

Farewell Dr. Petra Koudelova

Hello everyone, this is Seemanta (サム).

Recently we had the farewell for our beloved colleague Petra-san. She joined our group (Kawasaki group) three years ago in 2014 as a Research Associate. Today she will be flying back to her home country (Czech Republic).

She has been a member of our laboratory (River and Environmental Engineering Laboratory -REEL) for almost 2 decades (1999-2017). She joined as a PhD student in 1999 and has been working with us after graduation.

Group photo after the lunch
One interesting fact, however, is that after almost 3 years, finally we were able to get our first group photo with every (currently active) member in it.

Later that night another farewell was organized from REEL members.

Petra-san received a nice bouquet from the three sensei
(Left to right: Kawasaki-sensei, Petra-san, Ikeuchi-sensei and Chibana-sensei)
Although she wont be here in Japan, we hope to work and collaborate with her remotely.

Finally on behalf of Kawasaki group, we wish you good luck for your future and we look forward to working with you again (or perhaps just meet you somewhere in this tiny world ☺).

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