Friday, September 29, 2017

Questionnaire survey – Rathnapura, Sri Lanka

Hello everyone, This is Gouri

Kalu River is the second largest and third longest river in Sri Lanka while the catchment area is about 2,690 km2 and the total length is about 130 km. The river basin is subjected to severe floods in almost every year as it lies entirely within the wet zone of the country with average annual rainfall of about 4,000 mm. The upper basin up to Rathnapura has steep gradients while the lower basin has mild topography. Rathnapua and Kalutara areas are subjected to floods during south west monsoon period.

Kalu River Basin
                                                                                                                        (Nandalal, 2009)
There were two severe floods occurred during 2003 and 2017 which affect to both Rathnapura and kalutara. We did the questionnaire survey in Rathnapura district. During our visit also the area is affected by rainfall and there was a minor flood about a week before our visit. In some areas we could see some remaining evidences of that minor flood.
Some low-lying areas are still under water

Still the river level is high and carries mud water

The district has severely affected by 2003 and 2017 floods during south west monsoon. Some houses were entirely under floods while many houses were severely affected and damaged.
Cracks on walls after floods
Cracks on walls after floods
We have conducted the questionnaire survey for about one week by going to each and every household to cover about a sample of 250 households.

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