Monday, September 25, 2017

Published 2 papers on DIAS

Two DIAS-related papers were published at the Data Science Journal. This is an open-access journal so you can download and distribute papers (PDF) freely.

Kawasaki, A., Yamamoto, A., Koudelova, P., Acierto, R.A., Nemoto, T.,
Kitsuregawa, M., Koike, T. (2017) Data Integration and Analysis System
(DIAS) Contributing to Climate Change Analysis and Disaster Risk
Reduction. Data Science Journal, 16: 41, 1–17. doi:

Koudelova, P, Kawasaki, A, Koike, T, Shibuo, Y, Kamoto, M and
Tokunaga, Y (2017) Design and Implementation of a Training Course on Big
Data Use in Water Management. Data Science Journal, 16: 46, 1–18.

Check the papers!

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