Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A trip to Inle-lake

Hi. It's me, Genki.
I think it will be the last post during my stay in Myanmar because I'll go back to Japan on 8th early morning.
Anyway, I went to Inle-lake on January 4th and 5th. It was much colder than I expected. If you are planning to go there, I recommend you to bring some overcoats.
As usual I used a night bus to go there. I got used to using bus here after the trip to Kyikehteeyoe, Bagan and Inle.
On the first day I just went around Nyaungshwe by bicycle, which is the nearest city from Inle-lake. It was a different kind of trip from that of Bagan. There were not so many Pagodas there. But I could feel a nature. I was just able to spend my time. In the morning I went to a winery which was built for the first time in Myanmar. Just after I got there I ordered a glass of wine, which I found so nice. Not only the taste of the wine but also the view from the winery was so fantastic that I lost track of time.

This is inside of of the winery. I'm not familiar with wine making so I only put some photos here.

After this I went to a hot spring. I think Japanese hot spring is better than this lol. But I was satisfied to have been able to spend a time just as it flows. And at night, I needed a bottle of beer, you know. This day was only for a relaxation...

On the second day, I hired a boat and went around Inle-lake! It was really... cold! in the morning even though I was wearing 3 shirts. I could see some fishermen. Actually Inle-lake is famous for its picture of fishermen.

I went to a traditional tailor house and smith's shop and a market in the morning. These shops are literally on the lake. It reminded me of Venice in Italy. I think it's appropriate to mention here as Venice in Myanmar. As you can see below, houses and restaurants are also on the lake.

Inside a tailor's house.
She is making fibers from plants

A smith's shop

A market with many foreigners

I also went to some pagodas and a monestry. 

These are famous golden rocks. Actually they were originally statues of Buddha but people gilt with so many gold leaves that they finally became like rocks.
Some pagodas were barely standing near Inn Thein Market. I could feel a history.

It seem to be becoming a tree
Inside of Nga Phe Monestry

On the back way to the hotel I saw many fishermen. I think they have been doing this since a very long time ago.

It was my last trip during this stay. I also fully enjoyed here.

And at last, I want to appreciate everybody who were concerned with this stay here. Thank you vary much for my friends, teachers, government officers and other people in Myanmar. Especially I want to appreciate Dr. Kawasaki, my supervisor. I got many experiences and knowledge as well as something I cannot tell exactly by words, all of which are priceless for me.

I'll definitely be back to Myanmar again. I don't know whether it's for my job or trip or others. But please keep in touch with me.

A photo with my friends! Thank you all!

Thank you for reading. See you.

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