Monday, September 7, 2015

Myanmar official visit ( SATREPS Workshop and field survey) - Day 5 (21-August-2015)

Good morning everyone! Its me Seemanta again. I'll post the blogs for the Bago field visits during our Myanmar trip below.

Day 5

I didnt realised that it was Friday already. 4 days went so fast!
So it was time for the field survey. We checked-out our hotel rooms (Yangon) at 8 am to leave for Bago township. Six members (two faculties and 4 students) from YTU also joined this field trip.

The first checkpoint of the day was the Sit Pin Zeik Channel. We met two officials from Irrigation Department (ID) there. They explained the status of the channel and also its purpose and operation system.

At Sit Pin Zeik Channel

The next checkpoint was the Zhauntu weir. Officers from ID explained the operation system of the weir. A lot of questions were asked and they answered them all, in detail. They also prepared very nice Myanmar snacks and fruits. I tried all of them, some of them were very familar to my taste buds.

Everyone was busy taking notes
Next, we visited the Relief and Resettlement Department (RRD). We had a short, yet informative meeting there.

Group picture at RRD, Bago
At around noon, we reached the Royal Taste restaurant at Bago Township. We were served many traditional Myanmar and chinese delicacies. 

The food was really nice!
The next destination was the General Administrative Department (GAD), Bago district. The head of the office is a very busy person, especially now because of the current flood situation. He was kind enough to take out some time from his busy schedule for a meeting with us. He also explained how the relief supplies are distributed to the affected people. He asked us to visit the near-by padoga where all the supplies were stored.

GAD office meeting

We visited the padoga. We saw rice bags, cooking utensils, mosquito nets and other supplies. Apperently, the padogas play an important role in the distribution process. Private donations are also collected there.

Relief materials stored in Padoga

After that we reached our Hotel. We checked-in, took some rest and then headed to Royal Taste restaurant, again. It seems, its one of the good restaurants in Bago townshiop. The food, ofcourse, was good. 

Group picture to end the tiring day after dinner

Thats all for the day. Good night!

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