Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summer Program 7.28(Tue.) @UTokyo, Hongo Campus

Hi. I am Genki, M1 student.

Second day of this summer program. Participants were given lectures and had a presentation using given information.

Dr. Amano from MLIT told the participants of River and Water-related Disaster Management in Japan.

 Prof. Oki gave a lecture on Global Hydrology and World Water Resources as a leading researcher in this field.

After having lunch, participants were explained small details about Pampanga River in Philippine and Bago River in Myanmar. In terms of problem setting, as for Pampanga River in Philippines, participants set themselves in the shoes of Metro Manila water resources authority and suggested plan for water resources development with consideration of other issues in the basin. In regard to Bago River in Myanmar, participants put themselves in those of Bago Regional Government Officer in charge of river basin planning and suggested plan for flood risk reduction for international development organizations with consideration of poverty reduction.

Then they were divided into 6 groups to discuss the problems for assigned rivers and made 5 min presentations. This time, participants were not given any other information and technique like a method of simulation.

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