Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Myanmar official visit ( SATREPS Workshop and field survey) - Day 6 (22-August-2015)

Day 6

The day started with Mohinga, again! We went to a local restaurant near our hotel for breakfast. But this time it was a different variation (may be typical of Bago township), with a slightly different stock/soup. It was really nice.

Mohinga @ Bago township

On the way to the lock gate

Our most reliable assets for the trip

The next stop was the lock gate operated by the Irrigation Department (ID). It was contructred in 1875 by the British govt.

ID officials explaining about the lock gate
We, in front of the lock gate

Dr. Win explaining the technical details of the lock gate
We were served many delicious foods
Next we visited 3 of the 4 sluice gates along the retention canal. The gates are manually operated (by using wiches). There was no automatic system to open/close the gates.

They use a winch there to open/close the gate underneath it

Some pictures of the sluice gate cum road bridges
At around 1 pm, we reached the another ID office, located in a rural area. It was raining very heavily. After having a meeting there (and some delicious food) we headed to an old bridge. It was one of the oldest bridges constructed and yes it had railways tracks on it too. 

Meeting at ID office
Its an old historic bridge and its no longer in-operation (only some bikes or cars can pass, there were security personals at the bridge entrance). 

Once, there were trains running through this bridge
Kawasaki sensei was well prepared for the rain
At around 4:30, we stopped for a lunch-cum-dinner. Even though we had some food during our last meeting, I guess it wasnt enough. This time, however, all the food items were completely new to me. I have never tried those dishes before. 

More food!
And it was the time to bid farewell to U Myint Soe and U Ko Ko Oo, from ID. We really appreaciate their  time, effort and cooperation for the 2 days field trip in the  Bago division. 

Kodake san presenting some souvenirs. Sorry I couldnt get the camera angle right.
We reached hotel around 6 pm and took some rest.
At 8 pm, we had a combined group meeting with the Japanese group and the YTU group. We shared all the information/data we collected/recieved during the last 2 days. Later, I had a discussion with Miss Shelly (PhD student @ YTU). We share similar study areas for our research. We exchanged data and research results.
After that I had another meeting with Dr. Win and her student, working on General Circulation Models (GCMs).

By the time the meetings were over, it was 11 pm already!

Well, thats all for the day. Time for some rest.
Good night!

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