Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summer Program 7.31(Fri.) @UTokyo, Komaba Research Campus

Hi. Genki is writing again. 

Fifth day of the summer program was held in Komaba Research Campus, UTokyo.

In the morning, Assoc. Prof. Kawasaki introduced DIAS and Prof. Kitsuregawa lectured on the importance of big data and research of that field in Japan.

After lunch, they were separated into two groups and took lectures. One was by Prof. Koike, which showed them how DIAS is used. The other is by Assoc. Prof. Sekimoto and Dr. Akiyama, which also told them how to use big data especially individual GIS data.

This day’s last lecture was given by Assoc. Prof. Yokomatsu, who taught economic evaluation of natural disaster and mitigation policy.

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