Saturday, March 5, 2016

Collection and Brief Introduction of Tidal Effect Observations to YTU Colleagues

24 February 2016

UTokyo: Dr. Shimozono, Dr. Acierto, Masahiro Kambara, Shin Yonehara
YTU: Chit Bo Bo Win, Ye Thu Aung (Master’s Student)

This day was dedicated to collecting the pressure sensors and camera recording installed on the first day of field survey. Pictures below show the collection of pressure sensors at the three sites, which are Thilawa port site (Figure 18), Excel River View Hotel site (Figure 19 – left image), and Yangon Port site (Figure 19 – right image). Figure 19 center image shows the camera installed at Excel River View Hotel site. All the observations were collected except for the Thilawa port site pressure sensor. Unfortunately, the pressure sensor deployed at Thilawa Port site was lost. 

Figure 18. Thilawa port site showing the area where pressure sensor was initially deployed

Figure 19. Collection of pressure sensor and camera observations at Excel River View Hotel (left and center images) and pressure sensor at Yangon port site (left image).

After the collection of the observations from pressure sensors and camera, an introduction and brief tutorial of usage of pressure and camera for collecting data of tidal observations by Dr. Shimozono and Mr. Kambala  to YTU counterparts was done. The YTU counterpart who had the brief introduction were Dr. Zin Marlar Tint San and three Master’s students Suwai Mai Thin, Chit Bo Bo Win, and Ye Thu Aung.

Figure 20. Brief introduction and tutorial on usage of pressure sensor and camera observations to YTU counterparts by Dr. Shimozono and Mr. Kambara

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