Thursday, March 1, 2018

Myanmar Field Trip Part 5: Reunion

皆さんこんにちは イジャです。
Today's goal is the maintenance of automatic weather station in Zaung Tu area. We drove around 40 min from Aroma hotel to Zaung Tu. We met Prof. Win Win Zin, Prof. Zin Marlar Tin San. Also, Shelly, Hnin Thiri Myo, and San Win Mng after our arrival.

The discussion of server and data update system with Dr. Ralph, Prof. Win Win Zin, Prof. Zin Marlar Tin San, Mr. Okasaki and Dr. Aung Than Do
Long time no see Shelly! Shelly visited UTokyo River Environmental Engineering Lab as a short-term researcher in January 2018. It is especially a jubilant experience to meet REEL member again!

Ralph san started the installation of grounding cables for lightning protection
It’s especially impressive that all professors and students participate in all the processes of installation and maintenance. (It’s around 40 degree Celsius in the field)
Ralph san introduced detailed of the weather station
The green cable is the newly installed lightning cable

The cable is connected to the ground to protect weather station

After successful maintenance of weather station, we arrived ITC (Irrigation Technology Center) to hold training session of weather station installation. ITC is a beautiful research center for water-related research.

Ralph explained the comprehensive processes of weather station installation
After Ralph san's lecture, it's time for YTU Ph.D. students to practice on their own!
The hands-on experience for everyone to build weather station from scratch
Finally successful!
It's a great beginning of the training session! Tomorrow, all members will visit Tarwa, where we will build another weather station, and YTU students will build a real one station by themselves! Hopefully, YTU students could teach more locals to install and maintain weather stations in the future. Then, Myanmar could increase human capitals in water-related researches.

Fun fact: The popular sports (or street game) in Myanmar is called “Chinlone”. It's played by kicking a small ball

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