Thursday, March 29, 2018

Myanmar Maintenance Field Trip Diary 20180325-0330

By Liu Chang
Today is the first day traveling to Myanmar. Ralph-san, Sam-san, Haga-san and me come to Myanmar for the maintenance of weather station along Bago River. The flight take off at 11.25 am and arrive at Yangon at 16.00 pm.

Although the weather is really hot (37 °C), I’m still excited about the coming trip in an unacquainted country. After arriving, we take a taxi to YTU (Yangon Technical University). Here we make our acquaintance with Okazaki-san, Nakamura-san and Tin Aye from JICA. After printing the manual and preparing the equipment, we drive to our hotel.
Interior of SATERAPS office in YTU
Leaving for Aroma Rose Hotel

One more thing to mention is that the food in Myanmar is really delicious. Thanks to Nakamura-san’s recommendation, we enjoy a great dinner.

By Liu Chang
Today is the first day for a real field trip. The plan is to go to Salu Dam for maintenance. Apart from the four of us, Chit Bo Bo Win, San Win Maung from YTU and Aung Myat Lin from IWUMD (Irrigation and Water Utility Management Department) also join to learn about the technique of maintenance.
Our group at the weather station

The weather is sunny and hot just like yesterday. We have to use umbrella to keep out the ultraviolet radiation. The maintenance procedure including downloading the data, updating program and software and changing the antenna.
Instruction of the maintenance by Ralph-san

After two-hours’ hard work, the maintenance is completed. But we still have to check if the data transfer between weather station and UTokyo & YTU server is working properly. Because of the data transferring occurs at the first ten minutes of every hour, we decide to have lunch first.

When we get to the resting place nearby, everyone is sweating heavily. But it worth the effort when you taste the delicacy. The goat soup is spicy and sour, the shrimp is sweet, all the cuisine plays a symphony on your tongue.
Delicacy at Salu Dam

The data transferring seems to be unsuccessful after checking. This made us really frustrated. But we have to double-check the updating and setting all over again. Even after that, the server still can’t get the data. We start to examine every detail setting including junction of cables. And luckily that’s where we find the problem. It turns out that one red cable has poor connect to relay. After reconnect that one everything works out fine~

After that, we went to another weather station which is at the downstream of Salu dam. This one is constructed with an old version of logger, so it’s more stable and doesn’t take too much time. We take this one more like a training course.
Discussion within the group

By the way, the landscape is also very fascinating, it reminds me of my hometown. And I would like to swim in the river if only I get my trunks.

By Liu Chang
Today is still a hard-working day. We went to Shwelaung Dam for maintenance. Everything seems to be fine except there being some insects in the sensor box. So, we have to take it out and clean it again.
Sensor Box with Excrement

But when we set the antenna, it turns out at the top of the steel pipe will the signal stronger. And it takes us a long time to DIY a holder for the antenna. And we have to go back to Salu Dam to enhance the antenna.

We discover some trouble of transferring data again in Salu Dam. When we at last tackled the problem, it was already at night.

Ralph working at night
antenna setted successfully

Thanks to the hard work of Ralph-san. All day hard-work is worth of a great dinner~

By Liu Chang
Today we go to Zaungdu Dam for maintenance. This is the last station and I kind of miss the day standing in the sunshine. The maintenance work turns out to be quite smooth, it takes shorter time than we expected. We had the lunch together, and I hope we can work together soon.
We by accident witness a beautiful blue bird, and it shall bring luck to all of us.
Model of the dam
Practice of Maintenance
Group Photo

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