Monday, March 5, 2018

Myanmar Field Trip Part 7: YTU & UTokyo

皆さん こんにちは イジャです。
Hello, I'm Yi-Chia. This is the last part of Myanmar Field Trip series!

During previous articles, you may wonder: "where has Kawasaki sensei been?" To be honest, I have no idea. But, I have some clues.
Actually, Kawasaki sensei was too busy to enjoy the field trip with us. The first news I got was this picture:
source: 東京大学工学系研究 トピックス
 Yangon Technological University signed the memorandum of understanding with The University of Tokyo School of Engineering. It's said that UTokyo will have more frequent academic cooperation with YTU in the future.
Besides the ceremony, Kawasaki sensei also joined lots of meeting. For example, the meeting with YTU chief of academics:
source: 東京大学工学系研究 トピックス
I finally met Kawasaki sensei again in YTU after few days. I guess you may already know, we met in the meeting. It was a meeting with YTU professors, JICA coordinators, UTokyo professors, and related stakeholders.

After countless meetings, Ralph sensei was still energetic to teach students how to perform precipitation data processing using GrADs.

The YTU student is eager to learn more flood-related research to improve Myanmar's disaster management.


In the last day of Myanmar field trip, Shelly and Hnin Thiri Myo showed us the beautiful pagoda near YTU. There is a huge Buddha sculpture made from one huge stone. Very impressive!

Yangon International Airport Departure
Saying goodbye to Myanmar is tough. It is a place full of culture and religion that may bring me peace and quiet. In addition, I made many great Myanmar friends!
Thanks to Kawasaki sensei's encouragement, I could have a chance to visit Myanmar and learned so much from the country both in science and culture.

Thanks, all readers finishing Myanmar Field Trip series. I appreciate your time and attention. Hope you enjoy it!

Fun facts: Many buses, trucks, and small vehicles in Myanmar have Japanese characters written on them.

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